Jun 1, 2013

The Journey: June 1st, 2012-June 1st, 2013

252. 18. 41.9. My weight. My pants size. My BMI this time last year. When I realized I was halfway to 300 lbs. I decided it was time to do something drastic. I chose to go low carb. Now I know I know you LOVE carbs right. So do I. As a matter of fact I'd rather have carbs than any protein you put in front of me. There were times when I would go to Walgreens for lotion and come out with candy. Ashy but happy. For years my mom and my former trainer, Chad  tried their best to convince me that low carb or Atkins was the way to go. I fought and fought and gained and gained. And then it happened. Someone gave me the REASON that a diet with low carbs works. Now I'll explain it in Anetra-speak. Your body burns carbs, fat, and protein in that order for energy. If you deprive it of carbs it has no choice but to burn fat.  MY MIND WAS BLOWN. (Note-The body will burn protein as a last resort). I finally got it. Deprive the body of this and it will burn that. I also had horrible habits to break. I have a serious candy addiction. I also love regular Pepsi. Potatoes are my favorite food. This diet unlike Weight Watchers or calorie counting would help me get out of those habits.  

So on June 1st, 2012 I started my journey. Once I got rolling I started losing weight at a pace of 10 lbs. per month. So by January I had lost 70 lbs. 

During my journey I was asked the same questions daily so I will answer some of my most frequent ones here.

Is it hard? Absolutely. Outside of asking a man out on a date and passing Torts the Atkins diet is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. 

What can you eat/drink? All fish, all fowl, all shellfish, all meat, eggs any way you can stand them, cheese, pickles, green vegetables, cauliflower, any herbs and spices, any prepared salad dressing with no added sugar and no more than 2 grams of net carbs, butter, mayo, olive oil, vegetable oil, splenda, coffee(black), tea, diet drinks, WATER.

What can you not eat? Anything fun. Sugar, Rice, Bread, Potatoes, Fruit, Pasta, Dairy, Alcohol. Better known as things Anetra likes to eat. 

How much did you lose your first month? 10 lbs.

Did you hit a plateau? Why did you stop losing? I cheated hard on Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day and days that I felt like cheating. I didn't plateau it was more like a mental health break. I didn't gain and I didn't lose. I ate what I wanted when I wanted then got back on the diet the next day and the cupcakes were good. I've now been back on for 5 days and have dropped 5 more lbs.

Can you eat any carb at all? Yeah you're going to inadvertently eat carbs. Cheese and salad dressing have them they're just low in the count. Also watch the batter on the fried foods. I also have a guy at work that gives me two jolly ranchers a day. I need these.

What's your motivation? I like how I look. I feel better. I like being able to run and climb steps without breathing hard. I'll be older when/if I have children and I'd like to be able to carry them in good health and run after them. I like designer clothes. I have purchased expensive clothes in sizes 10 and below. I want to be able to wear them. 

How much did you exercise? I didn't. I hate exercise. I'd rather watch tv while eating my bacon, which is allowed on my diet. I also walk at least 3 miles a day at my job (not on purpose). 

What was the weirdest thing that happened to your body? My feet shrank from a 9 to a 8.5. 

What size are you now? A 12 that can wear 10s if the designer is generous.  

What's your goal weight? 145-150.

What's your goal size? A 10 that can get into some 8s. If I hit 145 I'll be a solid 8.

How are you different? I actually like shopping. I have hated shopping my entire life (except for books and makeup) now I like looking at clothes. 

Why can't you eat fruit, it's healthy? Fruit is sugar. God's sugar. 

What did you miss the most? EVERY SINGLE CARB EVER MADE. As a matter of fact this diet will have you wanting things you don't normally eat. In my case candy is still an issue. I walk by the aisles quickly in stores. I'm a work in progress. 

Was there any carb that you just couldn't give up? I never gave up on sweet tea. I'm too southern for that. 

This diet isn't for everyone it just happen to work for me. If you have any questions just drop me a line and I'll be happy to answer! Here's to my last 35 lbs!!!!!


  1. Great job. I guess this means i am no longer your personal shopper.

  2. Great job! You look gorgeous. And, more importantly, you're blogging again. :)

  3. Good for you! awesome job and you look MARVelous

  4. Here I was, cleaning out the blogs I follow on blog lovin' and I ALMOST unfollowed yours because you haven't posted in FOREVER, but then I realized this post was from this year (and this month).

    I'm glad that you found something that works for you. It's easy to put on the weight, but it sure isn't easy (or fun) taking it off. My weight was up and I had to do what was right for me & I'm still working on it.

    Congrats... Cheers to you on your journey. ;-)