Apr 30, 2012

Notice Served!!!

From the Born Again Church Facebook Page:  "What do you do when the choice between your dreams and your family is a life or death decision? Mark is a talented musician who left his family several years ago to pursue a career.  He is home to visit ONLY for his mother’s funeral…in which he missed because he was too late…and his career is not going as he expected…and his children have no one to raise them.  Their mother left years before Mark.  But one thing is keeping Mark home…that one thing can build his career OR build his family.  He can have that one thing…based on ONE condition from his mother."

On Friday night I went to see my Aunt Wanda perform in her church production of Grave Notice. Grave Notice is the tale of Mark who has been away from his family for the past few years pursuing his music career. He left behind his parents, children, and Aunt. While he was away his father passed and his children experienced hardship due to abandonment, anger, promiscuity, and violence. He returns to his family home hours after his mother has been buried. While Mark is planning his future with his mother's estate Satan and his demons begin plotting for the family's soul. Satan plans to use the Greed Demon to attack Mark, the Whoredom Demon to attack Mark's 17 year old son Marcus, and the Despair Demon to attack Mark's 15 year old daughter Tracy. My Aunt played Mother Lester, a church member and friend of Mark's aunt who comes to the house to pray the demons out. 

Written by Born Again's Bishop Horace Hockett the played reminded me of one of my favorite books The ScrewTape Letters by CS Lewis. I enjoyed the play and was pleasantly surprised that although it had a serious message there were comedic moments through out. Y'all know I like to laugh. I had many favorite moments in the play but I must say the demons, portrayed by Ira Watterson, Roger Trent, and Debbie Powell, played their parts perfectly. Another favorite was the scene where Auntie calls on her prayer warriors (including my aunt) and they sing a rousing rendition of "Satan We're Gonna Tear Your Kingdom Down". Overall the acting was superb, the set was awesome, and the music was great. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

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  1. Great review of the play. Outstanding performances by the cast and crew!