Mar 17, 2011

The Tennessee Titans: Pros and Cons

As you know I am searching for a mistress team. Let me explain. I am a Titans fan. I am a Titans season ticket holder. HOWEVER, when they let me down it would be nice to have another team- preferably a team that wins- to get me through the rough spots. There are several reasons that I should just stick with my team. There are also many many reasons why I should just get a spare team. 


  • I'm from Tennessee. They are my hometown team.
  • I've been a fan since they left Houston.
  • I'm not a fairweather fan.
  • For the majority of the time in TN they've had winning records.
  • I LOVE Chris Johnson. 
  • I have season tickets. 
  • We've been to ONE Super Bowl. And we lost that one.
  • I'm not sold on our color scheme. The light blue? Meh.
  • Our defensive stars leave for places like Detroit. 
  • We never ever ever EVER have a super star receiver. We had Randy Moss and didn't use him.
  • We're attached to black QB's. Let me explain. I'm all for black QB's but when they are in I feel the need to defend them. I don't want that added stress. 
  • Most teams are planning lockout practices. The Titans aren't. 
  • We ended things with Jeff Fisher only to hire his assistant. Oh. Ok.
  • They let Randy Moss go. 
  • We have a Ravens issues. As in...we always let them win. 
I'm going to continue searching for a mistress team. I am going to think long and hard about this. I love the Titans but it's beginning to feel like an abusive relationship. Stay tuned as I turn towards the NFC South. 

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