Feb 22, 2011

In Search of a New NFL Team: Cincinnati Bengals

I am on a quest to find a new NFL team. I'm going team by team to find out which team is the best fit for me. Now let's look at the AFC North. Out of this bunch there are a lot of PLAYERS that I like...teams? I'm not sure about that. Let's look at the CP, Ocho, and the one and only T.O. 

 Back when I worked on the 6pm Sportscenter I was assigned Bengals coverage during there playoff week in 2006 and I actually grew to like them. A lot has changed since then. Back then Carson Palmer was an elite QB ready to take on the NFL until his knee injury against the Steelers in a first round playoff game. Poor CP hasn't been right since. The receivers, T.O. and Ocho are two of the most talented interesting receivers in the league at times but you never know what you're going to get on the field . They both seem better at being reality stars than football players. Now Carson wants out of Cincy and can you blame him? Why would I jump ship to go be with the Bengals? On the bright side they did just hire a new WR coach so maybe he can reel those guys in. The coaching staff is a mystery to me. How they continue to have jobs is almost as confusing as Ron Zook getting extensions at Illinois. I do love their colors. You can't go wrong with Halloween. Had this been 2005 I would have picked the Bengals but 5 years later- no thanks. 

Tomorrow will be a tough one for me. I HATE the Ravens. HATE HATE HATE but I will give them a fair shot. 

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