Feb 16, 2011

In Search of a New NFL Team: Arizona Cardinals

I am on a quest to find a new NFL team. I'm going team by team to find out which team is the best fit for me. Now let's look at the NFC West. These might be the shortest posts on my blog to date but here we go.

Now on to the Arizona Cardinals. This team would frustrate anyone. Two years ago you were in a hard fought Super Bowl then Kurt Warner hangs up the cleats so you...fall apart?! I'd love to have a Larry Fitzgerald type player on my team but the Cardinals have a lot of issues. They are even SO desperate that as Adam Schefter reported, they consulted the players on who they should go get to be their QB. Did I tell you that I had QB issues in TN. No thanks. I also have issues with their colors and mascot. It reminds me too much of the St. Louis Cardinals and I am a Chicago Cubs fan. I'd never get to wear the gear. On a good note, Kevin Kolb has expressed interest in playing for Arizona and he comes Larry Fitzgerald approved. He seems ready to be the man.  I do like the city of Phoenix and one of my fave cousins live there. I'm guessing the Cardinals are ahead of the Seahawks. Goodness this is hard. 

Tomorrow I take a look at the St. Louis (gross) Rams. I hate the Rams so this should be short and sweet. 

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