Dec 31, 2010

2010- Nice to See You Go!

Wow! 2010 is over! It wasn't my worst year but it wasn't GREAT either. In 2010 I saw my job at State Farm end, my return to working at ESPN, a guy I thought was the one end our relationship, my weight skyrocket astronomically and my mom have debilitating hip replacement surgery. I could use a chill 2011 that's for sure. There were good moments mixed in with all the odd one's. My family had  GREAT Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas celebrations as we always do. I made a funny, nice, cute "friend" at the end of the year, one line sister got married, and another had a healthy beautiful baby boy. I made awesome new friends at my job while remaining close to my best friends from college. 2010 also brought in the birth of Black Debutante and I want to thank each and every one of you for reading. I am making a promise that I will write more frequently. (I hope). I wish you all the best and KEEP reading! 

Black Deb

Dec 18, 2010

WOW It's Been Awhile

Hey everyone. I have been really busy with the holidays but I'm still here. I'll be back in January with my crazy life. :-) Merry Christmas.

Black Deb